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The Rise of User Generated Content

User Generated Content – Content For Fans, By Fans As consumers, opportunities to create user generated content occur daily! It’s Tuesday morning and you’re tired because you stayed up too late last night discussing with your friend Becky about who should or shouldn't have gotten a rose...

Heather Dremel

Top 3 Moments in Social Media History

Pinckney Marketing’s Top 3 Epic Moments In Social Media History What makes an EPIC social media moment? To make the cut, it needs to be a social media masterpiece. We’ve picked our three favorite social media moments of all time. See if you agree with our picks,...

Emily Murphy

How To Make Instagram Work For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

So You Think Instagram Isn’t The Place For Your B2B Marketing Strategy? Think Again. By now as a B2B marketer, you’ve come around to the idea of your business having a social media presence. You use LinkedIn on a daily basis to connect with your audience...

Jo Brown

Social Media Impact | Part 3: Facebook

How to Have Social Media Impact on Facebook By now everyone is well aware of Facebook and the positive impact it can have on companies and brands. The social media giant has been around since 2005 and has since made a lot of big moves; they...

Jo Brown

Social Media Impact | Part Two: Snapchat

Which Brands Are Using Snapchat Effectively? Since Snapchat hit the App Store in September 2011 it has slowly taken the social media world by storm. Although the app has had a lot of ups and downs, it has since climbed to the top of the social...


How to Tackle the Game of Instagram’s Algorithm

By Ashley Carr If you have recently noticed a significant decrease in likes, comments, or overall engagement on your Instagram account, you are not alone. Instagram’s algorithm, similar to how Google factors your organic search ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is always changing and by the...


3 Steps to Building a Social Media Calendar

Follow these steps when you plan your social media calendar for better engagement and reach  Answer us this, who are you? I’m a small business owner.  I’m a content marketing intern.  I’m an SEO specialist. I’m an account manager. I’m Elon Musk. Regardless of your position in a company, you know that...