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Genius Logos with Hidden Symbolism

Logos with a message

These days, nearly every company has a logo. The best logos give customers a sense of the company’s character and values. Logos define a company’s identity. The amount of time and thought that goes into creating a logo would blow the mind of anyone working outside of advertising. It takes hours upon hours!

Some companies have even featured hidden symbolism in their logo designs that you may not have noticed before. Some are very obvious, but others are very interesting to examine.


1. Amazon: ever noticed the little arrow under Amazon’s logo? Well, it points from “A” to “Z”. This symbolizes that Amazon has everything you need A to Z! They really do have everything!


2. Baskin Robbins: this logo is very simple, featuring only two colors. Focus on the pink portion. It reads “31”. This represents that 31 flavors BR offers!


3. FedEx: this is one of my favorite logos! Squeezed between the E and X these is an arrow. This represents that FedEx is always moving forward and looking ahead. Pretty cool!



4. Goodwill: looking at the left-hand corner of this logo you will see half of a smiley face. 🙂




5. Pittsburg Zoo and PPG Aquarium: this logo features hidden symbolism within the negative space of the logo. On either side of the tree, the faces of a gorilla and lion appear in white. The secondary image in black features a tree to represent the forest.


6. Tostitos: how many times do you find chips and salsa at a party? The two “T’s” of this logo make up people, as they dip a tortilla chip into a bowl of salsa in the “I”. Party on!