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Matt Gorlaski

Genius Logos with Hidden Symbolism

13 Genius Logos With Creative (And Hidden) Symbolism In our blog A Sneak Peek Into The Logo Design Process we discussed what makes a logo great. As a reminder, the three attributes for a good logo are:  Appropriateness for the industry Distinctness Simplicity  The logos below accomplish...

Kailey Dixon

Maintaining Your Social Media Presence When OOO

A Step-By-Step Plan For Managing Your Social Media Accounts When Out Of Office (OOO) We’re the inbound marketing team here at Pinckney Marketing. Together we manage upwards of 30 social platforms for our clients. It is certainly a lot of work for two people, especially in the...

Christine Cerniglia

Build Brand Admiration with Trust, Love, and Respect

This blog was originally published on 10/14/16 but was refreshed and republished in 6/25/19 by Christine Cerniglia. What is Brand Admiration? Brand Admiration is defined as unconditional love for a company, which consists of 3 parts: Trust, Love, and Respect. Pretty self-explanatory terms right there – but important...

Emily Murphy

Use Automated Workflows to Nurture & Convert More Leads

Originally published on 3/2/2015. Content refreshed and republished on 6/21/2019 by Emily Murphy. Automated Workflows Allow You To Easily and Efficiently Close More Leads You know how the saying goes, “if you can’t beat em’ join em’!”. Well, if you work in digital marketing, your time...

Nick Maus

Keyword Research: Back To The Basics

[embed][/embed] 5 Steps To Creating A Successful Keyword Research Strategy Every good digital marketing strategy begins with keyword research. In today’s Knowledge with Nick session, we are going to take a look at the basics you need to know about building healthy keyword research. Step 1: Start With...

Nick Maus

How Search Modifiers Influence Your Organic Ranking

[embed][/embed] The 4 Different Types Of Search Modifiers And What They Mean What’s the difference between restaurants, restaurants near me and restaurants in Charlotte? Let’s find out as we discuss search modifiers. A search modifier is a little piece of descriptive text that accompanies your search query. For instance,...

Nick Maus

How Does Google My Business Influence My SEO Ranking?

[embed][/embed] Why Your Company Should Take Advantage Of Google My Business Have you ever done a Google search and seen a specific company pop up on the right side of the screen with all the company’s information? Chances are you have. This section of Google’s Knowledge Panel...

Nick Maus

Understanding How Backlinks Can Help (Or Hurt) Your SEO

[embed][/embed] SEO, Backlinks and Toxicity Score—What Do They Have In Common? Hey everybody, Nick here with Pinckney Marketing. Today we’re going to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart: SEO. Now, there are three sides to SEO that you may have heard about: Onsite...

Nick Maus

What Does It Mean To Have A Strong Channel Mix?

  [embed][/embed] Understanding The Fundamentals Of A Healthy Channel Mix Today we are going to talk about channel mix. Channel mix may be a term that you have heard your digital marketing agency use in previous conversations. Chances are you have a website, and that website has Google Analytics...