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Christine Cerniglia

7 WordPress Plugins To Help Your Site’s SEO

When it comes to growing your website traffic, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important piece of the puzzle. But it’s also a long-game play, and it can be far more time consuming than other methods of increasing traffic that promise quick results (i.e. Google...

Kailey Dixon

Who Are These Facebook Messenger Chatbots & How Do I Get One?

How To Create And Manage A Messenger Chatbot For Your Facebook Business Page So your business has a chat feature on its website’s homepage. That’s great! After all, it is 2019 and if you don’t have chat on your website, you’re a little behind. For those...

Heather Dremel

5 Tips & Tricks For Maintaining Customer Loyalty

5 Ways To Create, Build & Maintain Loyal Customers Small or large, creating and maintaining a business is difficult. Between closing new sales, retaining customers and building a strong team, you have a lot on your plate! However, maybe your customers are leaving, or they seem...

Katie Kromer

Why Understanding Who You’re NOT Marketing To Is Huge

Using Negative Buyer Personas to Market Smarter As marketing professionals, our days are spent tailoring every aspect of our marketing efforts towards capturing the attention of our ideal buyers. These ideal buyers are what we in the marketing world refer to as buyer personas. Buyer personas...

Rini Malo

How to Know When Your Designer Knows Best

Best Practices For Giving Feedback to Your Designers Have you ever caught yourself watching a football game and thinking to yourself, “Wow, this coach doesn’t know what they are doing? If they put player x at this position, then the team would do better. I would...