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Mary Kate Ryan

Should Your Business Have a Podcast?

How a Podcast Could Benefit Your Business Podcasting, an audio blogging platform derived from the words “iPod” and “broadcasting”, has been around since the early 2000s, but it wasn’t anything like it is today. The pioneers of podcasts included chat-heavy hosts who did little to properly...

Mary Kate Ryan

How Twitter Changed The Way We Interact With Brands

Why Top Brands are Using Twitter to Interact Second only to Facebook, Twitter has become one of the most-used social media platforms in the world, boasting real-time news updates, ways to communicate with friends publicly and privately, and plenty of entertaining posts. This app has become...

Clarissa Sievers

Case Study: BarkBox and National Squirrel Appreciation Day

How BarkBox Revolutionized National Squirrel Appreciation Day Do you celebrate National Squirrel Appreciation Day?  Honestly, most people don’t even know when it is. It’s January 21st, by the way. So if you're like everyone else and have never heard of National Squirrel Appreciation Day, we don’t blame...

Mary Kate Ryan

The Death (and Resurrection) of Mr. Peanut: A Case Study

How Advertising and Culture are Integrated The interplay of advertising and our cultural climate is not a new concept — brands have always adapted their marketing strategies to fit what’s relevant in society. Sometimes they really hit the nail on the head, like Gilette’s 2019 “The Best...

Jessica Perez

Steps To Tracking Offline Conversions

Offline conversion tracking on Google Ads and Facebook Conversions are one of the most important factors in an online marketing strategy. But how do you keep track of these conversions when your business isn’t solely online? That’s when offline conversion tracking comes into play.  Offline conversion tracking...

Jessica Perez

5 Things to Consider Before Rebranding

What You Should Consider Before Rebranding  Rebranding can be a risky and a complicated business move to make. It sends your customers a message that you have the intent to change. However, you can’t predict exactly how the changes you make will be perceived by your customers. ...

Mary Kate Ryan

Tips to Turn Your Customers Into Fans

Changing a One-time Buyer Into a Loyal Fan Everyone has that one brand that they will never stray from. Need toothpaste? Crest. Running shoes? Nike. Cell Phone? Apple. But in a world with so many options, how do you stand out? There are plenty of ways...

Mary Kate Ryan

Adapting Your Marketing Strategy to Reach Gen Z

Marketing Strategies to Reach Gen Z  As the younger end of millennials begin to reach their late 20s, a new generation moves in to become the next anomaly: Generation Z. Gen Zers, as they’re commonly referred to, are defined by several sources such as BBC, Business...

Clarissa Sievers

How To Add Personality to Your Brand

Why Your Brand Needs a Recognizable Personality and How To Create One Behind every successful business is a well-developed brand personality. Establishing a brand personality is important since this is how consumers create an emotional attachment to your company. Personality is what conveys your brand’s message...