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Pinckney Marketing Blogs

Clarissa Sievers

How To Add Personality to Your Brand

Why Your Brand Needs a Recognizable Personality and How To Create One Behind every successful business is a well-developed brand personality. Establishing a brand personality is important since this is how consumers create an emotional attachment to your company. Personality is what conveys your brand’s message...

Clarissa Sievers

8 Content Marketing Trends of 2020

The 8 Content Marketing Trends That Will be Taking Over in 2020 As marketers, it’s crucial to keep up with industry trends in order to drive positive business results, and more importantly, create trust between consumers and the companies they use. Current content marketing trends are...

Mary Kate Ryan

Why You Should Monitor Your Competitor’s Strategy

Why Monitoring Your Competitor’s Strategy Can Help You In any industry, there is going to be competition. Because opponents are inevitable, learn to use them to your advantage! Ever heard the phrase, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?” To ensure your business is reaching...

Morgan Sanderson

How To Define Conversions For Your Business

  [embed][/embed] Understanding The Holistic View of Conversions and How They Fit Into Your Business Hey everyone, my name is Morgan Sanderson and I am the Digital Marketing Specialist here at Pinckney. Today, we are going to talk about defining conversions.  When you think about conversions, you likely think...

Kailey Dixon

Nontraditional Social Media for B2B Marketers

How To Implement Social Media Into Your B2B Marketing Campaign As a B2B (business to business) marketer, you may be hesitant when it comes to social media. After all, can you really create B2B social content that is as engaging as a B2C (business to consumer)...

Matt Gorlaski

Genius Logos with Hidden Symbolism

13 Genius Logos With Creative (And Hidden) Symbolism In our blog A Sneak Peek Into The Logo Design Process we discussed what makes a logo great. As a reminder, the three attributes for a good logo are:  Appropriateness for the industry Distinctness Simplicity  The logos below accomplish...

Kailey Dixon

Maintaining Your Social Media Presence When OOO

A Step-By-Step Plan For Managing Your Social Media Accounts When Out Of Office (OOO) We’re the inbound marketing team here at Pinckney Marketing. Together we manage upwards of 30 social platforms for our clients. It is certainly a lot of work for two people, especially in the...

Christine Cerniglia

Build Brand Admiration with Trust, Love, and Respect

This blog was originally published on 10/14/16 but was refreshed and republished in 6/25/19 by Christine Cerniglia. What is Brand Admiration? Brand Admiration is defined as unconditional love for a company, which consists of 3 parts: Trust, Love, and Respect. Pretty self-explanatory terms right there – but important...

Emily Murphy

Use Automated Workflows to Nurture & Convert More Leads

Originally published on 3/2/2015. Content refreshed and republished on 6/21/2019 by Emily Murphy. Automated Workflows Allow You To Easily and Efficiently Close More Leads You know how the saying goes, “if you can’t beat em’ join em’!”. Well, if you work in digital marketing, your time...