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Heather Dremel

5 Tips & Tricks For Maintaining Customer Loyalty

5 Ways To Create, Build & Maintain Loyal Customers Small or large, creating and maintaining a business is difficult. Between closing new sales, retaining customers and building a strong team, you have a lot on your plate! However, maybe your customers are leaving, or they seem...

Katie Kromer

Why Understanding Who You’re NOT Marketing To Is Huge

Using Negative Buyer Personas to Market Smarter As marketing professionals, our days are spent tailoring every aspect of our marketing efforts towards capturing the attention of our ideal buyers. These ideal buyers are what we in the marketing world refer to as buyer personas. Buyer personas...

Rini Malo

How to Know When Your Designer Knows Best

Best Practices For Giving Feedback to Your Designers Have you ever caught yourself watching a football game and thinking to yourself, “Wow, this coach doesn’t know what they are doing? If they put player x at this position, then the team would do better. I would...

Kylee Karns

Move Over Millennials–Marketing Is Becoming All About Gen Z

Make Way For (And Prepare To Market To) The Mid-90s To Late-2000s Babies–Generation Z or Gen Z With today’s millennials reaching a population of over 70 million in the U.S., it’s no wonder why marketers spend so much of their time focusing on this group. Afterall,...

Campbell Stanley

The Anatomy Of A Buyer Persona

What are Buyer Personas and how you can create them for your business? Starting with the basics, a Buyer Persona is a profile describing your ideal customer based on research, surveys, and information gathered internally at your company. Personas will cover who your ideal customer...

Matt Gorlaski

5 Ways A Creative Agency Can Add Value To Your Business

A Creative Agency Is An Investment Your Business Is Sure To See Value In Before you hire a creative agency there are many things to consider. One of the big questions to ask is what type of value would a creative agency bring to my business? But...

Nick Maus

Web Design With The Who In Mind

For Web Design Best Results, Keep In Mind WHO You're Designing For First, I feel as though I should clarify that this isn't a blog about Rodger Daultry’s famous English rock band from the 1960s–The Who. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t rock out with some groovy...