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5 Goals For Success with Content Marketing

By: Emily Murphy It’s 2018, and there’s a good chance that by now you’ve heard (if not seen first hand) the impact an effective content marketing strategy can have on a business. With stats like “content marketing rakes in conversion rates SIX times higher than other...


Better Keyword Research Equals Better Results

Better keyword research WILL equal better results–trust us on this one. Building a proper foundation for your marketing strategy will set you up for successful results. Just like building a house, you start with pouring a foundation so that you can build something solid that will...


Social Media Impact | Part Two: Snapchat

Which Brands Are Using Snapchat Effectively? Since Snapchat hit the App Store in September 2011 it has slowly taken the social media world by storm. Although the app has had a lot of ups and downs, it has since climbed to the top of the social...


How Inbound Marketing Improves Customer Relations

The Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing If you consider how we naturally build relationships with strangers, the basic concept behind inbound marketing is simple. In real life, we make a connection with someone by having similar interests or helping them in some way, and then by extending an...


Driving Results with Marketing Design on the Brain

When Design Connects with the Brain You Can Drive Marketing Results   The power is in the hands of any designer. Using the right imagery, one can produce a heightened emotional response, enticing an audience to make a decision (hopefully in your favor). A Simple Breakdown of Visual...


How to Tackle the Game of Instagram’s Algorithm

By Ashley Carr If you have recently noticed a significant decrease in likes, comments, or overall engagement on your Instagram account, you are not alone. Instagram’s algorithm, similar to how Google factors your organic search ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is always changing and by the...


SEO Rockstar or SEO Janitor?

Spoiler Alert: You’re probably an SEO Janitor I’ve worked for several companies over the years that boast about how they invest in their employees and have an endless library of tools and resources to help their employees grow. Usually, this means they have an online portal...