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Christine Cerniglia

The Tell-Tale Signs You Work For A Marketing Agency

Every company has its own unique culture, but marketing agencies, in particular, have some well-known stereotypes. Below we’ve listed the telltale signs that you work for a marketing agency (that may or may not apply at Pinckney). The Tell-Tail Signs You Work For A Marketing Agency 1....

Kylee Karns

Tips To Achieve Good Office Feng Shui

A Harmonized Workspace is a Happy Workspace Do you ever feel stressed, cramped or cluttered due to the layout of your workspace? A full time employee spends about 40 hours or more each week in their place of work. As such a large amount of time...


Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing with a Marketing Agency

By Campbell Stanley  Crush Your Next Marketing Interview Getting your foot in the door of a marketing or advertising agency can be tough. There's tons of competition for marketing positions and if you're offered the opportunity to interview with one, you'll want to be on your game! Our...

Amber Plattenberger

Pinckney Culture: Supporting Moms in the Workplace

By Amber Plattenberger Transitioning From Pinckney Operations Manager to Pinckney Operations Mom-ager As Operations Manager at Pinckney Marketing, my role is to look over the team to ensure we are working efficiently, on time and on budget. Just recently, my role has shifted as I have become an...


Paper vs. Real-World Experience: Which Holds More Value?

By Rini Malo The Importance of Experience-Based Hiring The hiring process for any company can be a very tedious (but, important) process to endure. Finding that right person to join your team is essential to having a good culture and having the machine work correctly. Finding prospective...


Strengthening Your Marketing Fitness

By Josh Briscoe Your Marketing Agency is Your Personal Trainer I’m on day 66 of an 80 Day Workout Program and one of the big things I have learned so far from it is the value of the personal trainer.   I’ve tried workouts and exercising on my...


Navigating Life in a Pet-Friendly Workplace

By Ashley Carr When I was still in the job market workplace culture was one of the most influential factors in whether I chose to pursue the position or not. No matter how amazing the position may be, if the culture, the people, and the atmosphere don’t...


Meet Our Pinckney Pets!

The Pets of Pinckney Marketing By Campbell Stanley We almost always have pups at the office and we wouldn't have it any other way! Having a pet-friendly office brings so much joy to our day-to-day and really is a foundational piece of our workplace culture. Without further ado, meet our...


Fight Stagnant Feelings Through Professional Growth

By Morgan Sanderson Add Value To Yourself, Add Value To Your Agency Have you ever achieved a goal, celebrated, then had an immediate feeling of “what now?” I’ll give you an example: I tried for months to become a part of the Pinckney Marketing squad. I sent in...