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Amy Norman

Website Design With Inbound Marketing In Mind

Website Design Should Be Built Around Inbound Marketing Strategy When it comes to good website design, there’s a lot more to it than just awesome creative. Other things to consider are the SEO, the user experience, and how you’re incorporating inbound marketing into your site for...

Matt Gorlaski

The Power of Visuals in Establishing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand. There are countless ways a brand can emphasize awareness through visuals. But we will cover the big ones: a company logo, brand colors, typography, and marketing. On your...


Driving Results with Marketing Design on the Brain

When Design Connects with the Brain You Can Drive Marketing Results   The power is in the hands of any designer. Using the right imagery, one can produce a heightened emotional response, enticing an audience to make a decision (hopefully in your favor). A Simple Breakdown of Visual...


What You Need to Know About Design & Social Media

Design and Social Media Must-Knows By Amy Norman Designing for Social Media Success Over the past few years, social media has risen in popularity exponentially. With it’s rise, businesses have taken advantage of advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  These apps take into consideration the other...


10 Questions To Ask When Starting A Branding Project

The Value of a Brand is Undeniable A brand is the most important piece of work a company can contract. It’s much more than a logo. It’s a system of visual and verbal elements that work together to create an emotion surrounding a company.  At a glance,...

Emily Murphy

20 Ways To Get In Touch With Your Creative Side

20 Proven Ways to Make Your Content More Creative Working in an environment as creative as a marketing agency can be tough on days when your creative juices just aren’t flowing. I’m talking about those days when you experience a full creative shut down. The inability to...


Murder! The fold is dead due to a single gesture.

By Matt Gorlaski 'Above The Fold' is Six Feet Under The term 'above the fold' originated from the newspaper business, as a reference to the information that was visible when the bundle was folded and stacked in the racks. This terminology was then adopted to website design...


Pros and Cons of the New Adobe XD Release

By Amy Norman Web Design Growth Drives Tool Innovation Over the years web design has become increasingly more popular in the creative world. So as a graphic designer on many web design projects, I am always looking for useful tools to make the design process run more...


How to Better Communicate with a Designer

Communicating with a Designer 101 Have you ever had trouble communicating to the design team working on your project? Have you had a tough time understanding the reasons certain things might not work for your designer/design team? The process behind the art indubitably affects the visual impact...